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We give you the products, tools, and support to differentiate yourself above the competition.

Pathian’s promise to you

We know the pressure of having to meet schedule deadlines while trying to exceed customer expectations. Pathian® gives you the tools and support to create your own standard solutions that yield repeatable success. Pathian partners have access to our Center of Excellence that provides training and product support for sales, installation, commissioning, and runtime operations.

HVAC Controls Distributors

Our SaaS analytics offering provides component-level benchmarking that helps your customers get funding for repairs, service, and upgrades for their HVAC equipment and controls.

You can expect:​
  • Wholesale pricing on our product offerings
  • Energy savings forecasting to support sales and service opportunities
  • Substantial equipment and component pull-through sales opportunities​
HVAC Engineers and Controls Contractors

Pathian has virtualized years of experience and proprietary building pressurization controls into a pre-engineered solution that can be installed and commissioned by any HVAC controls contractor.

You will have:
  • Online training and certification
  • Seamless integration into Niagara Framework®
  • Component-level HVAC equipment and performance monitoring that pinpoint service opportunities
Building Owners & Facility Managers

Your occupants are expecting people-centric environments that are safe and comfortable. Solutions built upon Pathian technology have been tried and tested to deliver unprecedented results.

You will experience:
  • Healthier building environments and increased occupant comfort
  • Substantial energy savings and higher Energy Star ratings
  • Integration into existing Building Automation Systems for a unified user experience

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Detroit Healthcare Facility

Reduced energy spend by 40%, while strengthening air-quality compliance and improving comfort.

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Good Samaritan Hospital

Award-winning energy reductions and cost savings of over $23 million and counting.

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Rhodes State Tower

Solved severe high-rise building-pressure issues, with a simple payback in just one year.

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