We specialize in large facilities.

Our expertise and services span industries, systems and controls.
No facility is too large, and no HVAC system too complex.

A 1.25 million ft² hospital saved $5.5 million in energy costs over a 6-year span.


Pathian® understands how the healthcare industry is changing. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance issues and many other dynamics are creating irresistible forces to reduce expenses—to do more with less. That’s where Pathian can help.

Pathian has extensive experience and an impressive record of energy cost reduction in healthcare facilities. On average, Pathian clients reduced their annual energy spend from 25% – 40% while maximizing comfort and meeting all indoor air quality (IAQ) standards.

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We work with universities and campuses to ensure entire systems of buildings work individually and collectively at peak performance.

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Pathian® has proven success partnering with commercial buildings to solve their unique challenges around building pressure, air control and energy efficiency.

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Pathian® has attained GSA classifications under Energy Consulting Services (SIN871-211) and Energy Audit Services (SIN871-207) to service government agencies.

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Pathian® understands the unique and specific requirements needed for optimal comfort and increased efficiency in large manufacturing and industrial facilities.

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Satisfied clients. Superior results.

Learn more about the results our clients have experienced firsthand. Our case
studies highlight Pathian process specifics and impressive cost and energy savings.

Detroit Healthcare Facility

Reduced energy spend by 40%, while strengthening air-quality compliance and improving comfort.

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Vern Riffe Center for
Government and Arts

Solved complicated airflow, pressure and comfort issues for connected buildings of varying heights.

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Rhodes State Tower

Solved severe high-rise building-pressure issues, with a simple payback in just one year.

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