Our technology.
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Pathian® is an energy optimization solution provider for wet side and dry side HVAC mechanical systems. We specialize in large commercial buildings and hospitals where we can achieve energy reductions of up to 30%, better occupant comfort, and greater safety against airborne infectious diseases caused by unmitigated hallway and corridor airflows. 

Airside Optimization

Our projects deliver ROI in 2 to 3 years!

Energy incentives have never been higher, why wait?

We can help our customers receive funding and credits to pay for most of their retrofit project. The 2021 inflation reduction act has changed the landscape of the energy management industry. Saving energy has now became a mission critical business objective. Our mission is to help our customers develop self-funding energy reduction strategies.

Turnkey Construction

Carbon footprint

Lower energy use means lower carbon emissions.

We can help you establish carbon footprint benchmarks for your HVAC mechanical equipment.

Building Space Monitoring & Scoring

done for you

Tridium Niagara Framework®

Pathian provides the tools, products, and training to empower HVAC mechanical contractors and technicians to deploy our Airside Optimization System quickly and with minimal effort.  We leverage vendor open platforms with our Tridium Niagara Framework Appliance and cyber secure RESTful cloud API.

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Analytics and
performance benchmarking

Based on environmental load, not time based trends

Our cloud-hosted analytics perform continuous analysis of your HVAC airside system.  Our outcome based results reveal how each component of your airside system is operating compared to mathematically modeled ideal norms.  The best part, we show the financial impact of inefficiencies discovered in this process.

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Training and

Our technology. Your edge.

Interested in offering your HVAC customers results that others can’t? Partner with Pathian and take advantage of technology and performance that’s the first of its kind.

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Transform your building.
And your bottom line.

We specialize in standardized HVAC equipment optimization and energy management for large facilities.
Our multi-patented process delivers consistent results and savings for all commercial building markets.

“We saw a 27% reduction in our
hospital’s total energy consumption.”

– St. Elizabeth Hospital

Detroit Healthcare Facility

Reduced energy spend by 40%, while strengthening air-quality compliance and improving comfort.

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Good Samaritan Hospital

Award-winning energy reductions and cost savings of over $23 million and counting.

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Rhodes State Tower

Solved severe high-rise building-pressure issues, with a simple payback in just one year.

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