Detroit Healthcare Facility

Large hospital system reduces energy spend by 40%

Driving over $400,000 in savings

Large facility. Big goals.
  • Medium-rise commercial medical office/laboratory building
  • 40% of the building is used for advanced medical research
  • Organizational goals to reduce energy spend by a minimum of 25% and eliminate pressure imbalances to mitigate the spread of airborne disease
  • Dual duct AHU’s controls were obsolete

Driving efficiencies all-around
  • Pathian® provided project development, engineering, and commissioning services to facilitate the most efficient approach
  • Installed new building pressure sensors in the lobby and multiple floor elevations
  • Replaced controllers on 16 Air Handling Units
  • Installed minimum outdoor airflow stations on each AHU
  • Added VFD’s and high efficiency motors to all air handler’s supply/return fans
  • Installed new hot deck control supply dampers/actuators on 16 air handling units
  • Retrofit 60% of all economizer dampers
  • Reprogrammed AHU’s to Syrx control
  • Installed CSV data driver to collect all AHU BAS data (temperatures, fan speeds, damper/valve positions, status, etc.) at 15-minute intervals
  • Implemented Pathian Analytics software to track, evaluate and sustain optimal equipment performance

Savings. Quality. Control.
  • Total project cost: $1,700,000
  • Utility rebates Electric $252,879
  • Estimated project savings:
    • $485,528.00 in electric (5,057,586 kWh/yr. @ $0.096 per kWh)
  • Simple Payback: 2.98 years
  • Reduced Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) from 268.8 kBtu/sf to 177.0 kBtu/sf in 12 months
  • Reduced site electrical consumption by $485,528 in the first year of operation
  • Strengthened indoor air quality compliance of each facility
  • Improved pressure and comfort in main lobby throughout winter

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Detroit, Michigan

Building Facts

Medical office building/lab
Built in 1981
646,262 sf
5 stories
1600+ employees

This is the eighth large healthcare facility I’ve employed Pathian to optimize. They provide results that no one else comes close to.
– System Vice President, Facilities & Support Services