Good Samaritan Hospital

Major improvements. Millions in savings.

Over $23 million in savings since 2007

Antiquated controls. Intolerable temperatures.
  • The hospital was first constructed in 1915 and still contained many vintage HVAC mechanical /control systems
  • Winter lobby temperatures dropped into the low 60’s prior to Pathian implementation
  • With a very limited budget, all Energy Conservation Measures had to be budget-neutral with no more than a one-year payback

Modernize and maximize
  • Pathian® provided turnkey engineering, construction management and commissioning services for all controls retrofit work over a 5 year period
  • Most AHUs required only reprogramming to maximize the units efficiency
  • VFDs were added to 10% of AHUs
  • Processed custom and prescriptive rebates for all projects
  • Implemented Pathian Analytics software to track, evaluate and sustain optimal equipment performance
  • Shifted maintenance staff mindset from energy consumer to energy manager

From worst to first
  • Was the feature hospital in ASHE’s No More Excuses article that highlighted energy efficiency achievements of this 100-year-old hospital.  If they can do it, why not you?
  • At the time of article, it was only one of two hospitals nationally over 1M sq. ft. to be Energy Star certified
  • Nearly $1.5 MM savings every year
  • Over $23 million cumulative savings since 2007
  • $1,042,000 per yr estimated electric savings (14,600,000 kWh/yr @ $0.071 per kWh)
  • $457,500 per yr estimated natural gas savings (62,000 MCF/yr @ $7.38 per MCF)
  • Improved Energy Star rating from 8 to 81 from 2007 to 2011
  • Achieved Energy Star Certification in 2010, 2016 thru 2018, and 2021
  • Building pressure is now controlled to +/- 0.001 in wc
  • Reduced Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) from 288 kBtu/sf to 196 kBtu/sf
  • Substantially reduced hospital’s infection control rates; the hospital now ranks in the top percentile nationally
  • After OR pressurization project, substantially reduced hospital’s infection control rates; ranked in the top percentile nationally
  • ASHE E2C Award for >30% energy reduction in 2013

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Building Facts

Surgical hospital
Built in 1915
1,260,000 sf
650 beds

ENERGY STAR® rating: 81
ASHE E2C Award for >30% energy reduction