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Pathian is an energy consultancy specializing in the optimization of complex mechanical systems for large and multi-unit facilities. As expert direct digital controls (DDC) systems engineers, we focus on standardizing HVAC control logic. We help our customers simplify operation of their mechanical systems and provide training to make our combined efforts sustainable.

PathianSM Analysis, our patent-pending, energy-modeling application, pinpoints many of the causes of inefficient mechanical system operation through interval load profiling. Once we understand where these deficiencies are, we develop energy-reduction strategies to eliminate them. After these initiatives have been implemented, we use the software to measure the effectiveness of our solutions and then formulate successive courses of action to further reduce energy consumption.

An important element of PathianSM Analysis is its ability to measure a facility’s energy profile against those with similar demographic characteristics. This “peer review” enables a facility owner to compare their relative energy efficiency with competitive operations and track the progress of their efforts. For example, a hospital or university can plot its performance versus comparable individual units or even within a multi-unit network.

Two additional proprietary tools are available for Pathian clients: the Energy Manager Web portal and Syrx commissioning software. 

  • Energy Manager Web portal allows our customers to run energy reports, create energy conservation opportunity projects, manage tasks and open issues, and generally manage all administrative issues related to their partnership with Pathian.
  • Syrx™ commissioning software strictly complies with ASHRAE 2004 Commissioning Process Guidelines to provide quality-focused criteria for the successful planning and implementation of a project.

Explore this website or contact Pathian to find out more about our capabilities and services. Also, take note of the enthusiastic comments from our clients and their confirmations that Pathian has consistently delivered on its promise.

Turnkey Project Management

While most of our projects focus on optimizing existing systems, Pathian is also able to manage turnkey projects for new systems. In almost all cases, we are our customers’ exclusive HVAC control system design engineering firm, regardless of who may be designing their mechanical system. This is done to ensure our clients’ new mechanical systems work in harmony with the HVAC control system strategies we employ to reduce energy consumption at the facilities. Examples of turnkey projects are:

  • HVAC control system retrofits and new installation projects
  • Critical air handler replacements, e.g., surgery or clean-room type units
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Boiler retrofits
  • Chiller retrofits
  • Other energy reduction projects