St. Elizabeth Edgewood Hospital

Edgewood Hospital saves millions

Over $10 million in savings since 2010

Low performance. High spend.
  • The hospital was equipped with various type of air handlers (dual duct, MZVV, etc.) that all needed to work together to control building pressure and reduce energy spend
  • Critical space pressure compliance issues needed to be resolved with an energy consumer (versus an energy manager) mentality

Modify and maximize.
  • Pathian® provided turnkey engineering, construction management and commissioning services for all controls retrofit work
  • Reprogrammed over 50 AHU’s to Pathian control strategy
  • Modified central chiller plant to variable primary, variable secondary flow system
  • Processed custom and prescriptive rebates for all projects
  • Implemented Pathian Analytics software to track, evaluate and sustain optimal equipment performance

Stellar savings
  • Over $10 million in cumulative savings since 2010
  • Total annual savings of $807,300
  • $635,300 per yr estimated electric savings (10,402,000 kWh/yr @ $0.061 per kWh)
  • $172,000 per yr estimated gas savings(30,600 MCF/yr @ $5.62 per MCF)
  • Improved Energy Star rating from a 23 to 75 over a four-year period
  • Energy Star certified in 2018 and 2020
  • Reduced Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) from 305 kBtu/sf to 219 Kbtu/sf ASHE E2C Award for >25% energy reduction in 2013

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Edgewood, Kentucky

Building Facts

Surgical hospital
Original building in 1970
946,000 sf
510 beds

ENERGY STAR® rating: 75